The Roundtable is an industry consortium focused on providing technology & innovation to the government, and committed to continuous learning about government priorities and mission requirements. The Roundtable seeks to ensure a cohesive industry voice and understanding with government. The Roundtable is focused on shared policy goals and understanding, accelerated adoption and implementation of technologies, and efficiencies and cost savings for government and industry.

Flyers & Publications

- A single-page about the Roundtable
- A double-page about the Roundtable and the Analysis Exchange
- An overview of the Analysis Exchange Technology created by the Roundtable
- Why Work with the Roundtable Flyer
- The Value of the Analytic Technology Industry Roundtable Paper
- Impact of the Analysis Exchange Model 1.0
- A page about the Roundtable's Analysis Exchange Pilot for the US Army
- A page about the Roundtable's Ontology Challenge with the US AIr Force
- About the Roundtable's Activities and Success in Acquisitions and Procurement

Meetings & Events

2020 Roundtable Meetings
February 24 Monday – M2 Auditorium
January 27 Monday – M2 Auditorium
January 13 Monday – M2 Auditorium (Working Group Annual Kickoff Meeting)

The Roundtable’s work and accomplishments will be featured at MITRE’s annual Industry Day event in Fall of 2020 at our campus in McLean, Virginia. This event is open to all Government Guests, MITRE staff, and Industry by Invitation. The agenda format includes panel discussions, vendor booths and displays, as well as informational talks by government and industry. To see last year’s agenda Industry Day VIII

Learn about other upcoming events hosted by the Roundtable.

Industry Distinguished Speaker Series
General Hawk Carlisle - Wednesday, March 25, 2020
James McAleese - Monday, March 30, 2020

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