The Analysis Exchange

The Roundtable has produced and made available a technology called the Analysis Exchange. The Analysis Exchange enables competitor products to be more interoperable (breaking down data silos).
The Analysis Exchange is essentially a transfer service or translator between analytic tools.

The group started planning and developing this priority project and technology in 2016. As the Roundtable developed the first model, membership jointly agreed to open source this technology; the Analysis Exchange Model 1.0 has been issued as an opensource technology via GitHub (first made available in November 2017).

To download and use the Analysis Exchange, please see the Roundtable GitHub Website, and Analysis Exchange Model 1.0.

In 2018, the Roundtable continues to design and mature the Analysis Exchange (AE), with the help and guidance of government. The AE is designed to help government and industry achieve common goals and efficiencies, and the group continues to advance work. The Analysis Exchange development and strategy team includes industry, government, and MITRE.

With the "plug n' play" flexibility of the Analysis Exchange Model 1.0, vendors are able to more cost effectively compete for acquisitions, using less resources. Industry can build better, more cost-effective solutions and provides the government with access to more responsive, cost-saving tools to achieve their missions.

Benefits of the Analysis Exchange include:

  • - Using a more interoperable, consistent, and repeatable model allow vendors to compete for acquisitions more efficiently, saving time and money.
  • - Products and systems can become more effective at meeting government needs and requirements with less investment of resources.
  • - The AE can break down the data silos that multiple analytic tools typically create.
  • - Member companies can adopt consistent standards more quickly, saving them and the government time and money.
  • - The AE can develop a set of common standards and protocols for the analysis and analytics community.
  • - The AE can create enriched products for government use based on the results of different companies' products.

The following link provides the code and documentation for the Analysis Exchange's current release, which includes both the general architecture and elements specific to the initial use cases.

For more information, these downloads are available: