Industry & Defense Roundtable

The Industry & Defense Roundtable works with the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) to support national security priorities.

The Roundtable provides momentum, consistency, and a center of gravity for the industrial and commercial bases supporting national security missions.

The Roundtable works closely with our missions (Air Force, Army, Navy, OSD, Etc.) and with industry to support national security missions and to foster and ensure long-term strategic relationships.


Roundtable: Building long-term relationships to support defense and national security priorities

The Industry and Defense Roundtable builds and maintains critical and impactful relationships with key industry that support our sponsors’ national security programs; the DoD, intelligence community, MITRE’s research program.

Long-term relationships between the Government and FFRDC’s are encouraged. It is noted that these types of long-term relationships should be of a type to encourage the FFRDC to maintain currency in its field(s) of expertise, maintain its objectivity and independence, preserve its familiarity with the needs of its sponsor(s), and provide a quick response capability.

MITRE’s Industry and Defense Roundtable is a focal point for addressing cross-industry government issues and interests.

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